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May 19, 2023

Connecticut Avenue, NW, between the Taft Bridge and Chevy Chase Circle, has average lane widths of 10 feet and carries 11 buses per hour during peak hours. New highway installations should include separated routes including the Highway 99 corridor. My question is how often are rural highway speeds re-evaluated? Thanks for your response though I have no direct contact, I only can report issues, is the open511 the most up-to-date source from TranBC? Also, does MoTI review construction speed limits to ensure that there are set appropriately? The latest review is highlighted here: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/driving-and-transportation/reports-and-reference/reports-and-studies/planning-strategy-economy/speed-review/rural-safety-and-speed-review-post-implementation-update-2018.pdf. What steps do we need to take to start the process. The majority speed or just right speed in most cases is 15-20 KPH above the posted maximum speed posted in BC and everyone knows it. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Thank you for your feedback. What Id like to see is a return to photo radar so the police, judges and the rest of the bureaucracy would have to pay traffic fines like the rest of us. Hi Joe, Just wondering if there is a map of the commercial truck scales for BC highways? Or where would someone learn the proper time to accelerate or decelerate? over 7 years ago; 10,213 mapviews; louisville, ky, kentucky and 6 more More info. visuospatial activities for adults. Right now the posted speed is really treated as the MINIMUM speed and you are encouraging people to break the law on a daily basis. There are no signs designating speed on Pender Island or where I received the ticket. ). 80 km/h outside cities and towns Safe travels! [19] However, the project was partially downscaled and at-grade intersection will remain at Highway 91/91C interchange. 60mph. The ministry does not install speed bumps (or crosswalks level for sidewalks) on its roadways. Why do roads have speed limits? Many larger streets, including limited access highways or major arterial streets, continued to have posted speed limits of 30 mph and above. In order to have higher speed limits BC needs to address the shoulder widths. Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns. I would really appreciate some clarity on this. The issue with the moved speed transition is that despite being signed appropriately, it is not obeyed by most drivers. Traffic engineers set speed limits according to the following factors: Motorists behaviours are also taken into account when establishing a speed limit zone. I will share them forward with our people responsible for setting speed advisories. We believe that along these corridors, typically within less densely populated areas of the City, motorists who comply with the posted speed limit and other traffic rules can drive safely. If you would like to follow up with Tom Tom about any inconsistencies you noticed, they should be able to update their database. Sorry, I dont have detailed information for municipal speed limits. These kinds of accidents could be minimized with a lower speed limit. Lowering speed limits well below that driven by the majority of travellers can pose safety risks. Its all about finding a balance. Hi Len, you can access the map at http://www.drivebc.ca, Morning everyone just happen to stumble onto this site. 2875 Browns Bridge Road Gainesville, GA 30504 Mailing Address P.O. We hope that this is helpful. While extremely high speeds are dangerous, lowering speed limits well below the majority of travellers can also pose safety risks. [3] Upgrading this interchange would earn Highway 91 the status of a full freeway, but it was reported in the Surrey Leader in 2008 that work on this proposal had ground to a halt because of disagreements between the municipal and provincial governments over the type of interchange that would be in place. No plans to make that change at this time. From west to east. Other considerations in speed limit analysisinclude: Thanks for connecting with us here. We sent your comment to our traffic engineers and local area manager and they confirmed that this road is under the jurisdiction of the City of Nanaimo. When all of these are factored into the equation the posted speed limit is the result. The 85th percentile is considered during these reviews. public 33.3K rows over 7 years ago More from Code for Kentuckiana . It was built to replace the Fraser Street Bridge that was constructed in 1905 and considered obsolete. Dont even get me started about the idiots texting and how the police are virtually powerless to stop. The older of two major highways cut directly through Nanaimo municipality. 604 527-2221, Hours of operation: I can not understand why the speed limit along this beach strip is 50 km/h.This is a very busy playground and also very busy roadway. Also, even if it goes through, that may still take years to implement. We suggest connecting with them directly with your concerns. I didnt end up in any trouble since I was already in the left-lane. The shoulder is gravel and is very dusty. The impact caused the boom to bend and the crane to slide off the barge and sink, and the bridge was closed to traffic for about 48 hours. It was the highest numbered highway in British Columbia that is not derived from a continuation of a US highway, until the designation of Highway 118 in 2003. Safe travels. The Motor Vehicle Act states that unless otherwise posted, the basic limit for all provincial highways is 80 km/h in rural environments, and 50 km/h within urban municipalities. The upstream travel lane on the Northampton Street Bridge between Easton, PA. and Phillipsburg, N.J. is scheduled to be closed during off-peak hours -- 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. -- Monday to Thursday, Jan. 9-12. There is a small straight stretch in this area and people constantly speed along this stretch. We have shared this with the project manager and will let you know what we hear back. Hi again Colton this is actively being evaluated by our engineers. Our concern is for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and that their is an off road vehicle route in the town. There is a section in their drivers manual about signs, signals and road markings: https://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/driving-guides/Pages/Learn-to-Drive-Smart.aspx, Road Safety BC also has educational information for drivers, and is responsible for legislation. Thank you. Fig. The work included lighting upgrades, pier repairs, and the replacement of crash cushions, signage, and bearing and expansion joints. Cambie Street Bridge Duration Fall 2021 to spring 2022 Work hours Monday to Saturday: 7am to 5pm, extended hours as needed Weekends: as needed How this project may affect you | Access to residences and businesses Traffic Walking and cycling Noise and vibration Contact us Emma Mendoza Community Liaison 604-873-7307 cambieupgrades@vancouver.ca Kentucky sets speed limits based on several factors. The total distance covered by Highway 91 is 22 km (14 mi). This is based on a number of engineering factors, road classifications (four-lane freeway, two-lane freeway, etc.) For example, in Greater Vancouver, the speeds on Highway 1 until Port Mann bridge could be 110km/h, I get around Abbotsford during rush hour things get piled up so you could introduce a variable speed system to cope with traffic. Varying speeds has been a reason cited as a dangerous situation. Facebook. For example entering 19A from the North you slow to 80 and then cross the highway onto 19A. I see literally no reason for it to have such a low speed limit, and its literally a death trap if one obeys the 60 kph speed limit. The nine newly targeted streets, more than 25 miles citywide, are largely arterial roadways that are also heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists. Realistic speed limits are a traffic-engineering tool used to derive the best traffic service for a given set of roadway conditions. Call the 24/7 Road Helpline at 206-477-8100 or email maint.roads@kingcounty.gov. The allocated funding had since been diverted for other uses, and as of 2011 the province had no intention of building the interchange,[4] but in April 2013, International Trade Minister Ed Fast announced that the removal of the traffic signal at 72nd Avenue would be given the go-ahead. Safe travels. accident history on the highway Hi Jim, The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure does not post regulatory speeds lower than 50 km/h. The motor vehicles act states playground speed limits are 30 km\h from dawn to dusk. DOT is always open to public feedback and considers public input on posted speed limits. Weve posted the maps below, along with a statement from DOT about the process of re-signing streets for the lower speed limitand how it determined exemptions to the 25 mph default. Speed Limit Map Notify me when page changes Updated: 06/24/2022 Contact Information Vik Bhide Director Office Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 107 North Franklin Street Tampa, Florida 33602 Phone It is pretty typical to see sections of highway where shoulders disappear completely for sections with a passing lane, concrete no post barrier or tunnels. Thanks. type: Web Map: tags: North Carolina,NC,NCDOT,Official NCDOT,Transportation,SPEED,LIMIT,STATUTORY: thumbnail: id: As I reached the bottom of the hill and started to slow down approaching the shopping center, an RCMP officer pulled me over for speeding. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure shares with you what we do and why we do it. In Washington State, 60mph separate posted truck speed limits are in place on all highways with posted limits above 60mph (~97km/h). Thanks! https://www.google.com/maps/@54.2379747,-130.3298675,3a,75y,78.26t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sgGe5wChynKin1Gd2j-oF4g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656. Hope that this information is helpful. Back when seatbelts were optional, crappy bias ply tires the norm, always-lock drum brakes installed and the only air-bags involved were the occasional back-seat driver. The Florida Legislature authorized the Florida Department of Transportation to establish speed limits on state highways up to the following maximums: 70 mph on Interstates, 65 mph on a four-lane divided highway outside an urban area (with a population of 5,000 or more), and 60 mph on other state highways. 50KPH is bicycle speed. The Highway 17 and Highway 91C intersection saw several truck rollover accidents since its opening in 2013 and engineer's report revealed that trucks are susceptible to rollover when exceeding 26km/h (16mph) while turning from Highway 17 to Highway 91C. The speed limit that runs through town on the Trans Canada Hwy changes quickly for a short distance from 90km to 70km and back up again. I am concerned with the closure of various highways in the lower mainland leading to vehicles rerouted North along Highway 99, through Pemberton. From south to north. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future. The net effect of all this stick-whacking is a scared and timid Australian motorist that sometimes also make a dangerous one. I would like to know how a person or persons go about having It includes over 2,600 lane-kilometres of major arterial roads that carry commuter, transit, and truck traffic. Our traffic engineers continuously review the efficacy of speed limits on our highway corridors and have reviewed and revised speed limits along a number of BC highways in recent years some limits being increased, and others decreased. They should have the contact information for the company that owns Gundy Road. Some are still travelling at100km/hr. The new seventh lane opened to traffic on September 14, 2019,[13] with the moveable reversible zipper in operation on December 16, 2019. The ministry continues to monitor the results of the 2014 Rural Highway and speed review on all highway corridors, including the Pat Bay Highway. The statutory maximum speed limit for Roe Cres is 80 km/h. 70mph (60mph if articulated or towing trailer) Goods vehicles (over 7.5 tonnes max laden weight) in England and Wales. To provide sufficient clearance for shipping in the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge incorporates long approach viaducts on either end to raise it from low ground on both shores. At this time, the limit will remain in place and we ask that you follow up with the BC RCMP to seek speed limit enforcement along this corridor, in an effort to reduce speeding infractions. Of particular concern is where Otter Avenue, Nicola and Lockyer all converge. How do you decide the spacing of speed limit signs such as those on highway ONE. Hello Elaine thanks for connecting with us here. Are you referring to the posted speed limit on BC highway 7 or BC highway 1? Thanks for connecting with us here. 2. Who does a community contact to propose logging road use enforcement during active logging vs public road use? Their consistent speed limit of 80 km/h is highly desirable. Speed limits on major highways are set by politicians. When drivers are given a higher work load, like passing and continually weaving back and forth in traffic this fact increases the frequency of manoeuvers. Thanks for your request to change the speed limit in Tulameen, and for providing further details. If Any one agrees to th lowering th speed limit here pls let it be known to Min Hwys 100 mi bc, DOT Kamloops BC, Clinton RCMP. This area is a residential zone and needs to be treated like one from BC Highways. A couple things people fail to realize is that BC is very mountainous terrain, and believe it or not, four wheel vehicles are not the only thing on the road. The first phase of changes include portions of State Route 523 (NE 145th St), State Route 522 (Lake City Way NE), State Route 513 (Sand Point Way NE, NE 45th St, and Montlake Blvd NE), and State Route 99 (Aurora Ave N, E Marginal Way, and W Marginal Way). Safe travels. The north abutments and piers rest upon spread footings, whereas the south ones rest upon timber and steel-pipe piles. Please, consider raising the speed limit on Oak St. Bridge. After the 25 mph default speed limit took effect, DOTleft 30 mph signs on some wider streets as it evaluated whether to reduce those speed limits. Safe travels! Speed limits on BC Highways can vary depending on many factors. DOT has released before-and-after maps foreach borough showing how signed speed limits have changed since Mayor de Blasio loweredthe citys default limitto 25 miles per hour in 2014. Otherwise, highway speed limits are typically 80 or 90 km per hr and 50 km per hr unless otherwise posted. The Major Road Network connects the provincial highway system with the local road network, and some corridors also serve . louisville_street_centerline_data. [4] Like Knight Street, the bridge was named after Robert Knight, a property owner in South Vancouver in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In San Francisco, most speed limits are 25 mph, but some roads have speed limits as high as 45 mph. Where side roads intersect a multi-lane street or highway that has a speed limit of 40 mph or lower, the minimum size of the STOP signs facing the side road approaches shall be as shown in the single lane or multi-lane columns of Table 903.5.3 based on the number of approach lanes on the side street approach. Want to request a speed limit or speed zone change? The Nanaimo of today with its quickly increasing population and therefore number of cars using, entering and exiting this older highway has issues that can be addressed with a consistent speed limit from one end to the other. Thanks! Much of the cargo now travelling by truck ought to go by rail, which will require federal and provincial legislative intervention. Now I havent driven the corridor for about a week and I didnt see any 60km/h speed signs on the highway so I was not sure if the construction speed limit was still place or not. https://globalnews.ca/news/8888133/children-hit-car-ubc-botanical-gardens/. 99 could be 110km/h after 91. Thanks for your comments about lowering speed limits in urban areas. Thank you. There isnt a map but we do have a contact list with addresses which should work? mike reiss net worth; celebrations around the world calendar 2021 uk; dingbats some12:67wehre answer; kyle anderson accident tennessee; alec bradley post embargo cigar aficionado; used cars san diego under $3,000 A very typical speed for that section is. This has the potential for daily crashes, near misses and frustration of motorists. Recommended Practice. Traveling 60 kph down Oak St. Bridge not only makes one feel stupid, but it also feels like a suicide mission, with everybody whizzing by you at 80100 kph. Not a wide bridge. Thirty miles per hour was and is an inappropriate speed limit for most residential streets. Thanks for your response though the Open511 API doesnt include speed limits. There is also an at-grade intersection, an at-grade railway crossing, and vertical alignment changes through this zone so, quite a bit going on to warrant the reduced speed limit. I admit most times I do not slow down to 60km/hr at the sign but take my foot of the gas and coast to within 10k of the speed limit. highway geometry (sight distances, etc.) At this point, over 5,000 miles of our streets - or 90% by mileage - have speed limits of 25 mph or lower, with about 12%, or over 800 miles, explicitly posted for 25 mph. If you see a 30 mph sign in your neighborhood that you think should have been removed, now you can determine whether the city intended for that street to besigned for that speed or not. This initial citywide review along with a significant re-signing effort has been completed. These sections of highway need to be addressed. I live in Nanaimo. We acknowledge that while extremely high speeds are dangerous, lowering speed limits well below the majority of travellers can also pose safety risks. Most people didnt slow down anywhere near 90 km/h at the old speed transition location. People rarely change their speed. Heres what we heard back. I feel decreasing the limit at this distance is BREEDING CONTEMPT for the speed zones. Borough President Jimmy Oddo, who supported the Slow Zone as a council member, is now applauding DOT for canceling it. ", "Vancouver history, Knight Street Bridge", "The impact of the Knight Street Bridge on the allocation of industrial land", Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Knight_Street_Bridge&oldid=1126920539, Buildings and structures in Richmond, British Columbia, Short description is different from Wikidata, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 11 December 2022, at 23:31. volume and type of traffic on the highway. TomTom Maps is the GPS we were using, not to be promoting anything but is it possible you forward the speed zones maps to them? Hi Brenda thanks for your question. [17] In 2017, the city made design and signalling changes to enhance safety, which included a new turn bay for westbound vehicles on SE Marine Dr. turning north, and a new shared walking and cycling path. As 50 seemed good enough for the Northfield road area why cant the whole zone from one end to the other be 50 kph. Aside from driving on the wrong side of the road its a real breath of fresh air. The highways department was out again today to pick up another carcass. I can submit the pdfs or documents to them via map share. Convenient. (B) Zone 2: 40 MPH between Pleasant Street and 500 feet south of Stiles Street (approximate mileposts 40.16 to 40.84); thence. Driving legally at 60, its often impossible to avoid hitting these deer as they step out of forest onto the road. is not a major highway , but a winding country road that does not lend its self to drivers going Has the ministry ever considered setting posted truck speed limits on highways? I have to stay in the right lane while easily the majority of cars go sailing past me, and many trucks as well. The maps can also help people identifystreets thatstill need lower speed limits, or see at a glance which neighborhoods have 20 mph slow zones and which do not. speed limit on knight street bridgeis sedum toxic to dogs. [14] As a result of narrower travel lanes, the maximum speed limit over the bridge was lowered from 90km/h (56mph) to 70km/h (43mph).[15]. Instead of establishing a 20 mph default [], As drivers zoomed by on Atlantic Avenue this morning, local elected officials and advocates joinedNYC DOT and NYPD to unveil the first of the citys arterial slow zones, major streets where the speed limit will be dropped to 25 mph from the current citywide limit of 30 mph. The road is narrow and winding with grass and brush growing right up to the pavement. . I have forwarded both of your comments about the speed limit in Tulameen to our area manager, along with your email. The proverbial wheel doesnt need to be reinvented. should be a 30 or max 50 zone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jason. So I question why the MoTI is continuing to post highways at their design speed rather than the 85th percentile despite engineering studies suggesting to no longer continue this practice? . The route constantly faces heavy congestion due to the presence of truck scale and at-grade intersections, despite the high traffic volumes the route carries. E-ZPass Customer Service/Violations Procession Center: Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project: Gross vehicle weight (GVW) over 80,000 pounds. I will forward you comments to our traffic engineers responsible for that area. is currently looking at mandating speed limiters in trucks where trucks would be physically limited to 105 km/h. Highway 91 Connector (Highway 91C) is a short 2.2km (1.4mi) unsigned highway connecting Highway 91 at Nordel Way and Highway 17 in Delta. to get the reduced speed limit implemented. We expect that these works will be completed in the next month. just because most people drive too fast,doesnt make it right. Steel-pipe piles were installed at a pier adjacent to the riverbank. Morning everyone just happen to stumble onto this site. Is there any update regarding this? Traffic signals will also be retimed to [], When the new citywide 25 miles per hour speed limit took effect a year ago, DOT carved out some exceptions, retaining speed limits of 30 or 35 mph on some surface streets. Contents 1 History 1.1 Infrastructure 1.2 Maintenance, upgrades and incidents 1.3 Land developments 1.4 Transit 2 See also 3 Footnotes 4 References History [ edit] Infrastructure [ edit] There are also wild horses, bears and other wildlife often on the highway and numerous blind corners leading it impossible to stop in a reasonable time at the curtain speeds. Why not increase the limits if everyone is speeding, I feel like I am creating a hazard of others by going the limit, but I will continue to do so as I cant afford more tickets. After five years of construction, the Knight Street Bridge opened on January 15, 1974. The roads here are extremely windy and hilly with no shoulders to speak of. Thanks for your feedback Colton, we will share it forward with our regional traffic engineers for their consideration. Highway 91 is an alternative freeway route to Highway 99 through Delta, New Westminster and Richmond, British Columbia. Stay tuned. [18] The report recommended installation of truck rollover warning sign and an advisory speed limit of 20km/h (12mph) with the ultimate long-term solution to be an upgrade to grade-separated interchange. Interior is alright but in Greater Vancouver and the Okanagan it is low. I know its been a while since I took my drivers training but is there not something in the drivers manual that explains when it is safe for drivers to change their speeds? In the last year, DOT has lowered the speed limit along Manhattan's West Street as well as along 3rd Avenue and Hamilton Avenue, two major streets under Brooklyn's Gowanus Expressway. Yours Tridawn. Its also our only route in and out of town. Even current speed limits do not allow for safe cycling so these issues need to be addressed. One thing I forgot to mention, the signs in the highways were clear and distinct. Housing Policy Manager, TransForm, Oakland, Calif. Research Associate Center on Global Cities, Director of Communications, Transportation Alternatives, NYC, Director of Organizing, Boston Cyclists Union, Boston, Director of Open Restaurants, NYC Department of Transportation, NYC, Grieving Family Horrified by Not Guilty Plea By Driver Who Killed Beloved Delivery Worker, National Safety Board Chair Discusses Vision Zero and the Problems of Heavy EVs, Wednesdays Headlines: The Old Man Name Check Edition, Thousands of Chargers for Heavy E-Cars Are Coming to a Sidewalk Near You, Task Farce Delta: City Hall Also Has Its Own Electric Micromobility Panel, Klein Bill: Citywide 25 MPH Limit But No Rapid Expansion of 20 MPH Streets, Speed Limit Bills Shift to 25 MPH, Allow DOT to Designate 20 MPH Streets, Atlantic Ave First of 25 Arterial Slow Zones to Get 25 MPH Limit This Year, DOT Is Finally Bringing Riverside Drive in Line With 25 MPH City Speed Limit, Greenfield and Treyger Want Higher Speeds on One of NYCs Deadliest Streets, DOT Axes Midland Beach Slow Zone, and Staten Islanders Seem OK With That. So basically it is not clear that the construction speed limit is still in effect until the end of the work zone. Any plans for BC to enforce ISA for map providers, intelligent speed alerts>. (Courtesy District Department of Transportation) Like during the. Roads are for moving people, not just for cars! We hope this information is helpful. Hello again Colton our project manager has let us know that the signage meets engineering standards and there are no plans to update or change the limit or the placement. Thank you. If youre looking for provincial roads, I have more specific information. Its an ok bridge. These accidents are far too common. Drive BC. The speed limit is in place to support the transition down to 20 km/h in the ferry terminal area as well as to allow travellers on the highway to slow down and be prepared for the potential of ferry traffic which may be backed up outside the terminal area itself during busier travel times. With the maps, New Yorkers can see which major surface streets are now signed for 25 mph and which have retained higher speed limits. I have a very clean driving record, so not only was it disappointing, but I was trying to avoid an accident due to the other driver and there are no speed limits posted. This happened to me the yesterday, going into the Driftwood shopping center. We just travelled Hwy 3A from Creston to Nelson which is a Through Hwy with a shoulder and the majority of the way is 60 Km. We have only 2 exit points to the south. We asked our traffic engineers your question and they let us know that Pender Island is covered under a blanket speed zone of 50 km/h. 30mph. Meanwhile in B.C., the only truck speed limit I have seen is on Highway 1 near Kamloops where a truck speed limit of 80 km/h is posted. The ministry continuously reviews and adjusts speed limits across the province and adjusts as required, under our speed and safety review. Reducing speeds through active intervention utilizing any of the aforementioned methods is. 20. But there could be a case to reduce the 90 km/h section north of Ladysmith between Grouhel Rd and Timberlands Rd near Cedar to 80 km/h due to the bend through the Oyster Sto-Lo Rd intersection as well as the two unsignalized intersections at Brenton Page Rd and Rocky Creek Rd. In beautiful British Columbia, the speed limit is 50 km/hr in cities unless otherwise posted In the alley, it is 20 km/hr maximum Speed Limit in Residential Areas What is the speed limit in residential areas? I know B.C. On the Inland Island Highway, the speed transition from 90 km/hr to 110 km/hr was recently moved from the Parksville (Hwy 19A) Interchange to west of the Englishman River Bridge. Thanks for reading! ^Exactly, its been proven that speed limits are set counterintuitively, this is just further proof. 80kmh. I dont understand why the speed limit at the road leading to the Swartz Bay terminal is 50kph which is a huge and sudden drop from the 80kph of the highway. Thanks. Big warning flag if there is such a discrepancy between the posted speed limit and the speed that the majority of vehicles travel at. So, unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on Pender is 50 km/h and has been for a very long time. Sight lines, the terrain, and the types of vehicles on the road are a few. Link to our CVSE contact list: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/transportation/vehicle-safety-enforcement/information-education/contacts. (And if you didn't know already, TransLink owns and maintains the Knight Street Bridge, the Pattullo Bridge, and the Westham Island Bridge.) [], Council members David Greenfield and Mark Treygerthink drivers should be able to gofaster on Ocean Parkway, one of the citys most dangerous streets. In the case of autonomous vehicles, who is in charge of the vehicle, the driver, the software manufacturer, the hardware manufacturer, or the car manufacturer these are the things that have to be determined in law. These highways are built to handle higher speed limits in my personal experience. The rate of speed designated for the certain parts of State Highway Route US 1 described in this subsection are hereby designated and adopted as the maximum legal rate of speed: 1. The road was slippery and wet, so I couldnt slow down to quickly for fear of sliding. Yours Tridawn, Around 70 mile house junction the speed would be better suited to be reduced as the log truck traffic pulling out there makes this location very daunting. Oregon also has similar truck speed limits.

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speed limit on knight street bridge

speed limit on knight street bridge